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gluten free pasta recipe

Gluten Free Pasta Recipe

Gluten Free Pasta With spring finally arriving the idea of fresh basil pesto on pasta sounds amazing.  So today I am sharing my gluten free pasta recipe for all of you that are craving really good homemade pasta. Sometimes, almost always actually, I feel like a contestant on my favorite television show “Cutthroat Kitchen” hosted […]

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quinoa patties

Spinach Quinoa Patties

  Spinach Quinoa Patties with Chipotle Dip Spinach quinoa patties are a great addition to a salad or simply on their own.  I’ve made this recipe a couple of times this past week.  When I first made it, I served it to my husband and daughter (my test subjects) along with a salad.  They ate […]

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Southwestern Easy Mac and Cheese Recipe

Gluten Free Southwestern Easy Mac and Cheese Recipe Mac and Cheese has always been a staple for me growing up.  It was a quick and easy meal at any time not to mention cheap!  The process in preparing Macaroni and Cheese included; empty box in water, boil until done, remove and drain, add cheese and […]

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